Art-folk sonic adventures from Nashville, TN.

Drunk On What (Official Video) from our album ‘Drunk On What I Am’ out now.

We are made of two humans, a guitar & amp, a number of pedals, a drum kit & various percussive tools. Wanna learn more? Read this.

“Guitarist Kyle Numann and drummer Amoretta don’t need more than their simple two-piece set up to captivate an audience and have them hanging on every word.”
– Nashville Offbeat

“Any video that features someone blindfolded and swinging at an imaginary pinata is a total winner in my book but these two managed to rachet it up a notch or three.”
– We Own This Town


Drunk On What I Am is a portrait in time. Conceived as an encapsulation of the Cloudmouth live set that developed in our first year playing together, the actual recording process was very direct. We set up in the room and played our songs together, start to finish, and caught the sound as it was meant to be experienced.


September 9

at The Cobra
with Stuck Lucky, Spoken Nerd, Dale J. Gordon & More at Killa Tomato Fest 2017

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October 1

at Cafe Coco
with Crack Mammoth, Oh Grandpa, Iron Vessel, Pamphlet, Metalfoot & more

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Official video for ‘Little House‘ from our new album ‘Drunk On What I Am

‘Dont Make Me Watch’ live video from Music Neighbors

‘Nothing’ live at The Springwater


People say the darnedest things:

“Numann’s folky, sentimental croon went down easy and eased our minds … drummer Amoretta Taylor’s fluid, intuitive percussion that really sold this routine. Using a variety of sticks, mallets, bongos and shakers to be as quiet or loud as needed, Taylor ebbed, flowed and cascaded with Numann’s occasionally noisy interludes and punched up his woeful delivery with an invigorating backbeat.” – Nashville Scene

“Kyle’s songcraft skips the mold completely. His songs get into your brain precisely because they are not familiar … complimented by the obvious musical chemistry between him and percussionist-extordinaire Amoretta Layne. Their apparent disregard for genre suits the music beautifully as they flow effortlessly from major key melodic perfection one moment, to flat out lysergic disabandon the next.” – Ben Lowry, Bang Ok Bang


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